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Yesterday, November 6, 2020, was day 2 of the workshop on the legal framework for the protection of Rights of persons with Disability in Enugu State. The said workshop was organized by the association of lawyers with disabilities in Nigeria (ALDIN). This is part of ALDIN’s project in Enugu State” supported by the Disability Right fund.

The meeting started with a recap of what transpired the previous day. Thereafter, participants gave testimonials or takeaways from programs of the first day.

The above was followed by a roundtable discussion featuring some experts such as; Dr. Mrs.ifeoma Chuwuma regional team learge PERL, who shared their first hand experience at previous attempt of enacting a  disability law in Enugu state on the previously sought after Enugu Disability Rights Law. The forum had robust discussion on the trajectory of Disability legislation in  Enugu State, making suggestion on way forward.

Subsequently, there were paper presentations on “Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act, 2018” by both Catherine Edeh (Deaf and vice president of ALDIN) and Okoroha Ndibuisi (Blind and chairman ALDIN Imo State).The papers were followed by question and answer session.

The program culminated into a strategy development session. This afforded ALDIN the opportunity of resolving the differences within members of Enugu State JONAPWD thereby making them a united and stronger front with which to move into the next phase of the project which is Strategic engagement with the political actors in Enugu State.

Finally, certificate of participation was issued to all participants. Everyone was over joyed.

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